Tuesday, January 11, 2011

3 egg whites, onion, spinach, salsa. 1/2c oatmeal + cinnamon, 1/4c blueberries. (mmmmm!)


1c Lima Bean Cabbage Soup + 1.5c spinach, chopped. (shown w/ chopped chicken breast)

1/2c cottage cheese + cinnamon, 1 apple sliced, 10 almonds

Chinese chicken & rice (aka stirfry!)

Veggies: Mushroom, broccoli, carrots, water chestnuts. Cooked chicken (then added veggies) in soy sauce, ginger & 3 cloves of garlic. Added a peanut sauce.

Went to a Girls Night- had popcorn, carrots & homemade hummus

5 min. warm-up on treadmill

3x through:
-(12) seated row @80lb
-(24) alternating back lunge w/ 2 x 15's
-(12) dumbbell shoulder press w/ 2 x 15's sitting on exercise ball
-(24) alternating bicep curls
-(12) hanging knees to elbows (core)

3x through:
-(12) ea. side, bend down & put on shelf w/ 15# ball
-(10) walking lunge w/ 15# ball side to side, (10) walking lunge w/ 15# ball over head press
-(12) ea. side 1 leg dead lift w/ 15# ball.
-(12) ball roll-ins (feet on exercise ball, hands in push-up position, roll feet/ball into elbows

-(12) triceps, biceps, shoulder press w/ 2 x 10# dumbbells. (stand with dumbbells at side. Step back w/ one leg, front leg bends at knee. Bend chest forward, making a straight line to your back leg. Extend your arms back, hold. (tricep) Step forward, stand straight and do bicep curls (biceps). Extend dumbbells over head (shoulders)).
1 min. mountain climbers

5 min. on arc trainer (was supposed to be 30, but chatted w/ a friend too long!) :)

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