Monday, January 3, 2011

It's BACK! But is starting SOON, so don't wait to sign up!

Each item is worth 1 point, with a possible 10 points per day
1 7 hrs. of sleep (not necessarily consecutive - naps count too!)
2 48 oz. of water
3 45 minutes of exercise (not necessarily consecutive)
4 2 servings of veggies, 2 servings of fruit
5 No soda, beer, wine, unhealthy snacks (ex: potato chips), or bad fast food
6 No sweets. (Desserts, pastries, sugary snacks & cereals) * Sugar-Free alternatives are OK.
7 No eating after 8pm or dinner (whichever is later)
8 15 min. of scripture reading (or spiritual text if you don't do scripture)
9 One journal entry (any length)
10 One act of kindness
Note: You have one free point, PER CATEGORY, PER WEEK. One free point for
exercise, one
point for soda/fast food/unhealthy snacks, one free point for
sweets, etc. You do not have
10 free
points to use however you choose -they are
NOT interchangeable and if you choose not
to use a
free point in a category, it is
gone at weeks end. You could also just choose to have one
"free" day
where all
points are free (which is less confusing), but we are allowing for flexibility and success!


-You are excused from the sweet rule on YOUR BIRTHDAY.

-You are allowed three sick days where you are excused (only) from exercising and eating veg/fruit/water [if you can’t eat/drink] This is ONLY to be used if you are indeed sick. "
Winners: The top three challengers with the most points will split 80% of the pot. 1 other challenger who gets an average of 6 pts. or more a day will get the remainder of the pot.


Once I get a confirmed purchase, I will send you the link to the google spreadsheet where we keep track of points.
Be sure to email me the names of those participating (if you sign up for more than 1 challenger at a time)


Matthew and Shanna said...

I just signed up my husband and I to do the challenge! (His name comes up as David Graff in paypal.)

Heather said...

How does the google doc work? Is this how we are tracking points?

sara said...


So excited to have all of you-
Heather- thanks for emailing me- I hope I answered your question! :)

Janee said...

Is diet soda allowed? I just signed up as well.

djkitterman said...

Sara- what a fun blog. You are amazing and I need to be like you!
i hope I am not too late for the challenge- I had a hard time finding it. But now I am inspired. Thanks for being willing to share!

sara said...

Janee- No, diet soda is not allowed. I know this seems odd since sugar free alternatives are 'ok'...logic would tell you otherwise. I probably should have taken the sugar-free ok thing out all together! (this was made aware to me by someone else as well)

Jessica! So glad you're doing it!!

Aubrey Jane said...

Is it too late to sign up if I count zero points for yesterday? Some of my family members are doing it and I decided I would like to join. Please let me know if it's a possibility, I need the motivation! -Aubrey

sara said...

I'm sorry- I just got this message.
Yes- now it is too late. :( :(

email me:

Janee said...

I don't know if you've sent out the link to the spreadsheet yet. If so, I haven't gotten one yet. I signed up on Saturday so I'm assuming I got in. Let me know otherwise.