Friday, January 21, 2011

Loving being back on the "challenge". It's really not any different than what I've been doing, but gives me that extra strength some how. Wait a second... I was on a hiatus over the holidays! -So it has helped me get back on track.

One thing I wanted to do differently with this challenge was to keep my "sweets" intake under control. Previously on my 'free' sweet day I would go CRAZY. Probably some psychological connection with how it was phrased, 'free day'. I would not disappoint. So I decided if I wanted a sweet treat, I'd have to go OUT to get it and enjoy it - not bring it home or not make it at home. (ie the whole 1 serving thing would go out the window). So far so good! Last week I got a cone at DQ w/ my boys. This week I haven't gotten anything - don't think I will - I have been feeling good and haven't had any mad cravings. I made brownies 2x this week -and didn't even bat an eye! Whoot whoot. It's all about making your mind up BEFORE-hand. And- I realized it just wasn't worth the calories. One brownie was the same amount as my full-plate dinner!!!
Yay for small successes!

So here is some eye candy for you....mmmm

All-time favorite snack: Apple w/ 1/2c cottage cheese w/ cinnamon (& sometimes almonds) All-time favorite breakfast: 3 eggwhites (sometimes 2 eggwhites, 1egg) onion, spinach, salsa. 1/4c cooked oats w/ cinnamon, 1/4c plain greek yogurt w/ cinnamon & 1/4c blueberries. (ALL for a whopping 250 calories!)

Love Avocado on my eggs too. MMMMM! Wholewheat blueberry pancakes (sweetened w/ splenda) w/ a dollop of plain greek yogurt and blueberries on top (and of course cinnamon). Loved the yogurt paired w/ the pancake - so rich and creamy.

White turkey chili (a staple in our home) and 2 slices of cheese crisp -this is on a white flour tortilla (eek... so rebellious). This is a FANTASTIC recipe...Spaghetti squash w/ diced tomatoes, ground turkey, onion, garlic & zucchini.

For Spaghetti squash dish: (1.5c) Calories: 163, Fat: 4g, Carb: 20g, Fiber: 5g, Sugar 9g, Protein: 13g

Again, favorite snack...pretty much a daily thing. Alright. This is a PLATEFUL, no??? This was dinner one night... FOUR eggwhites, 1 egg, onion, zucchini, spinach, salsa & avocado...244 calories and 24g of protein. score. The cholesterol was 212, and the sodium was high (578), but only 13 carbs and 5g sugar.

This is a great kale & butternut squash salad. Fast breakfast:1/4c greek yogurt, 1/4c oats, 2 strawberries, 1/4c blueberries & cinnamon

Need a quick dinner? Love the boca burger. Love edemame as well.

I've been trying a few new classes at the gym. So great! One is a bootcamp. The guy teaching is a hoot and a great motivator. Another class I tried is a spin bootcamp which is a combo of spin and plyometrics/weights. That was really fun too.

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