Saturday, February 5, 2011

Been having awesome, FUN workouts lately. A ton of great classes are offered at Flagstaff Athletic Club...
Spinning: (been annoyed though- the last 2 weeks the 5:45am has been FULL...grrr.) But the instructor is that good. Luckily there are lots of great instructors and times offered. :)
Mega Fit: (fee) Went to a class this week- remembered how much I LOVE it. Kicked my boo-tay, but was happy I could keep up.
Kick Boxing: I liked this class...didn't LOVE. Good workout, but I didn't feel like I was pushed to my max. WITH THAT SAID, my shoulders were sore the next day and I DO like that. :)
Training Camp: Oh I can't get enough of the instructor! Love him! Great, great class! Pushes you to your max and it feels so good. Lots of running/bursts of energy/drills
Spinning Boot camp: Love this one too. On & off the bike in 4-7min intervals. Going hard for the entire hr. It's fab.

When I'm not in a class, I like to do weights or rotating stairs... my ipod shuffle got swiped. grrrrrr... still trying to get to the bottom of it... was supposedly turned into lost and found- but somehow made it's way out....

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