Monday, December 5, 2011


The thought or idea of even quitting sugar made me nervous/scared/stressed- I was so emotionally attached to it. That's what ENJOYMENT was! But really it wasn't. It was a ball and chain - a heavy ball and chain. It got to the point where I was no longer in control; sugar controlled me. I needed it every day and I couldn't stop once I started. Every day I felt bad- physically, and emotionally I'd beat myself up for lack of self control. So I decided enough was enough. My mom was in town and I asked her how long she's gone before without sugar. She replied, "I don't know, I've never tried." So I asked her if she wanted to... and so it started. It has been 3 weeks. (I know, not that long.) But it's a mini success. I'm not searching/waiting for my next fix or feeling deprived or sorry for myself. It just 'is'. For some reason, making a "pact" was just what I needed to stop -to be accountable to someone... I was able to 'detach' myself from the emotional chains sugar had on me. I started feeling great -and continue to feel great and don't want to go back! (I have to keep telling myself that) Yes, I've been tempted -like tonight when I made my boys ice cream cones and the ice cream got all over my fingers... but I knew how I've been feeling was worth not going back. Yes, I've had the internal dialog with myself about how every-once-in-a-while shouldn't hurt. And in reality, it SHOULDN'T and really doesn't, but I'm not at that point in my life. How I interpret it, the Word of Wisdom was for the "Weakest of all Saints"- For those that weren't able to use moderation, (and those that were humble) so it was better to abstain. That's kinda where I'm at with sugar. I am unable to use it in moderation- so I've been feeling like it's just better to kick that habit. And that took YEARS to 'emotionally' get to this point and be willing to do it.
In the past, I've hosted numerous Wellness Challenges that have 10 daily habits to 'do' or not do. Abstaining from sugar, junk food etc. was part of that 12 week challenge. With that said, one day a week was a 'free day'. Oh, what a horrible phrase. I would equate free day to literally going crazy ALL day. I pretty much negated everything good I had done that week in one day- because more often than not there was little to no moderation. I would overeat on the sweets on my free day. I would obsess all week about what I was going to have on my free day. My free day was usually on a Sunday, and so I got into this horrible pattern/habit of always making a dessert on Sunday, well after the challenge was over. What a bad habit to take away from a well-meaning challenge. So, I'm pretty much 'over' the 'free day' concept. Doesn't work for someone like me. I know I negated everything good I had done, because now, not having sugar for 3 weeks (I did have cranberry sauce and pickled beets on Thanksgiving) it's crazy how the muffin top has just shrunk. 4lbs. in 3 weeks. Not too shabby for not trying -It's a great bonus to feeling GREAT. 
Several things that have kept me going have been reading blogs and listening to podcasts. Constantly being reminded of goals, and listing to like-views ensures success! With that said, the little health knowledge I thought I had has been rocked, and I am starting to question everything... Which is the right way?! I'll share what I mean in a future post. Beauty sleep awaits!


Heather said...

Thank you for this post. I too struggle immensely with sugar addiction and as I was reading it was like you were in my head! Seriously, are you? Almost verbatim regarding the "free" days when I did the challenge, not eating in moderation, etc. I have "tried" to quit and don't think I am there yet to stick to it. I know I need to just do it and kick the habit. I know the benefits will be mind-blowing, physically and especially mentally/emotionally.

Anyway, Good for you! I would love to know what podcasts and blogs you are following to help you stay strong.

Kristi said...

Good for you! Quitting Sugar is hard to do! I was off chocolate for 2 years at one time and another time I went off sugar for 9 months... I have currently been off sugar (mostly) for a year. I do Paleo because of allergies and I just like the way that I feel!!! I very very rarely have sugar anymore and I always feel awful when I do! Good luck with this!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have tried so many times to quit sugar and have failed every single time. I need your willpower girl! I don't think I can commit until after Christmas. Maybe a New Year's Res....

sara said...

Heather- we are so emotionally attached- it is hard! I don't know how to make links- I will do a post with everything, but this is a great site-

I actually only have visited it twice, but loved what I saw/read and the realization that this is a LEGIT problem for so many people.
Another website is: He focuses on Paleo living. Interesting stuff- but it's also what is blowing my mind and making me confused! :) (Kristi -we will have to get together and chat!)

Podcasts I have been enjoying:
Fit to Fat
Livin' La Vida Low Carb
The BodyRx Show (way Brainy)

All pretty much focus on living a low-carb lifestyle -which is pretty much the exact opposite of the American Diet....

Kristi- Thanks- again, let's chat!

Holly- I was no longer in control- I tried quitting every day and messing up every day and finally had to draw the line. :) Someone was like- BEFORE the holidays!? And my gut reaction was like- I know! But then I thought- what better time TO quit. I'm saving myself from bloating, self loathing, empty calories... and giving myself the gift of health and feeling GREAT. I feel like I'm on a soap box.
Don't do it as a new years resolution- do they ever really work? You'll know when you're ready!
I miss you!

Miss Niss said...

you go girl...this is a constant struggle for me as well. and i actually am quitting sugar, and i'm scared! ha! i struggled with very bad postpartum depression after I had Rylie 2 years ago. I am doing all I can to hopefully combat that this go round with having my cute Charlie girl. I had my placenta encapsulated and take 6 of those a day (you'd be amazed at what amazing things are in a placenta!!) I have had a few things creep up for me and am now realizing that all refined sugar has to go because I really think it attributes to depression. My health is more important then sugar!!!! Question: Have you been having any type of raw honey or natural sweeteners? pure maple syrup...etc..etc??

sara said...

That is awesome. It is scary- but to be honest, now it's not really an issue. I think with your motives different (your mental and physical health) it may be easier.... especially when you notice positives.
I don't use any artificial sweetners, honey, maple syrup etc. I'm good with fruit/cinnamon satiating that craving. For me it's about a trigger- whether it's refined or not, the sweet makes me want more. (And studies have shown that to be true)
Good luck!! I hope you're able to keep the depression at bay! Congratulations on Charlie! (such a cute name!)